Wild horses at the introduction of griffin iii competition with other quarterback

Head coach of the Denver broncos Gary library than him (Gary Kubiak) recently the team quarterback crisis gave his answer: "the strong win."

On Tuesday, the United States time library than him in the coach said the breakfast meeting mustang current quarterback position there will be many people to compete, he said: "no matter who is into the wild, it will be a competition, who we will not give a starting spot."

Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) is currently the broncos quarterback, Trevor seaman (Trevor Siemian) is currently in the wild and the quarterback of the list.

Interesting is the horse also to San Francisco 49 Colin – card Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) interested, now the latter with the Cleveland and New York jets brown have frequent contact.

From the point of view of coach, the library than him seem more inclined to griffin, because now brown for griffin is very interested in, wild horse if you don’t act now maybe they can only to pursue the possibility is very low, panic.