Running back Arian – Foster good injury recovery

After the free agent market opened, there is no team to veteran running back Arian – Foster (Arian Foster) opportunities.

After earlier this month cut the Houston Texans, Foster still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon he suffered in last October.

The four selections in the Pro Bowl running back since January and has been restored to walk twice a day training at the gym owned by his brother. According to his brother, he said Foster restore good progress.

"When you go through something like this, you say, ‘Well, I do not have to worry about the economy. I do not need to do such a thing to take care of my family, but in the end, I still love the game? I have a passion for it? ‘ "Foster brother representation. "I’m excited because the passion for the game is still Arian."

Not surprisingly, Foster still can not find a new owner. He did not recover until the former team would fancy him. Is expected to be ready for training camp Foster can slowly pick a new team – and he still has time to choose. When he was going to be over the age of 30, the league’s GMs still remember the 2014 season, Foster was how stunning looks.