Los Angeles RAMS will board the new season the tough training camp

The tough training camp to Hollywood.

Union announced on Wednesday that the Los Angeles RAMS will be 11th season "tough training camp" the leading role of the team.The first set will be aired on August 9th.

According to chief executive Kevin dermot ram’s (Kevin Demoff) said: "obviously in southern California and throughout the country are brought to the sheep back to Los Angeles interested, look this is a good time to let people see our teams and players. We are one of the most young team league, there are a lot of good players, for two consecutive years rookie of the year, we want to let people know about the team. What method is better than the tough training camp?"

Ram is first on the program of the nl west team.Under the provisions of the 2013 RAMS, and the New Orleans saints, buffalo bill, San Diego, lightning Jacksonville jaguars and Oakland raiders are qualified on the tough training camp this year.

Alliance has already said although considered invasion of privacy, the viewing scope and influence of the program for professional football is priceless wealth.For all worry about loss of competitive advantage due to board the program manager, recently on show 6 teams later in the season with the same or even better before the season.

In the ram to move to a new home this summer in the process of their dynamic worthy of attention.Has yet to build a base for the team they are thought to held in oxnard, north of Los Angeles to spring training and training camp held in the south of the university of California, irvine, then they may build up temporary training base in thousand oaks.