Drew Luo Senhao there are teams interested in Mr Hauser

Recently Drew Luo Senhao (Drew Rosenhaus) to their new employer jonny, zell (Johnny Manziel) visited a lot of teams, he told the reporters have teams interested in Mr Hauser.

Luo Senhao clearly, don’t tell us which team is interested in Mr Hauser, he said: "now I can’t talk too much and his things, because you know that the public perception of him now, but I personally have had communication, and several teams although Mr Zell’s life and work in the public eye, but from the commercial value, we still have a chance."

It is hard to believe that what is Luo Senhao, does not really honest and had teams willing to hazel.Even the trial is still failed to stop domestic violence, hazel, night club party TMZ journalists can easily find him in nightclubs almost whereabouts.

But consider his talent, is certainly worth some teams to take a risk, but does not include the Dallas cowboys, because the boss has said that if can’t see the man zell cowboy behavior change in the team is not going to give him a contract.