Cleveland cloth Langqiao – Thomas hopes to be traded

Joe – Thomas (Joe Thomas) clearly can maintain a good state a few years, he also very much hope to continue in the NFL game.

Experts believe the recent CBS Cleveland Browns should no longer trading week Thomas, but he said such a deal may never happen, he said that the Pro Bowl tackle players very happy to accept any deal, go to a championship caliber team .

Experts said: "Brown’s next few years will be rebuilt, it is likely to find a young quarterback, so Thomas will be a key asset to leave the team."

Thomas, aged 32, seven-year contract is about to enter the fifth year, will receive 8.3 million dollars, will be after 2 years was 8.8 million dollars, respectively, when his contract could become a burden to the team’s offensive line.

Because this age of players no one can guarantee that every year is still the league’s top tackle candidate.