Broncos hopes Aqib Talib return to next week training

Denver Broncos star cornerback Aqib Talib will soon come back.

According to local media reports, Talib had a private training in front of the coaching staff this weekend, and the results made us excited. The team’s coach Gary Kubiak expressed the hope that Talib would be able to return to training field next week.


Talib was on the non-football injury roster at the time of initial training camp, when he was recovering from shootings in the leg. According to the NFL official reporter Ian Rapoport, NFL is investigating the shootings of Talib, and likely will make the appropriate punishment on Talib after the survey results are released.

But before that, the Broncos only concern about Talib’s injury recovery. As the hero of the team last season, Talib is an important part of the tactical system of the team defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Kubiak hopes Talib could recover soon so that the strongest defense group can return to the state with Von Miller’s re-signing completed.