Aaron Rodgers tell their close saw a UFO

Aaron Rodgers this week (Aaron Rodegers) participated in the "You Made It Werid" the program recording, on the show, the green bay packers quarterback revealed many interesting things.

With Rogers tells the story of a in the ten years ago, he and former teammate Steven Levy (Steve Levy) in New Jersey and UFO events of close contact.

This was in 2005, Rogers on the east coast for the day of the draft, he saw the UFO in the sky and a lot of friends.

Rogers said: "that is a big orange shaped object, a left a right move, because of the snow at night, and you can’t see very clear, it seems to be hidden behind the clouds, this thing is very big, but certainly not just me, levy and see my brother, when it disappeared after we looked at each other’s eyes is very shocked."

We don’t need too seriously to question Rogers, UFO itself is a very mysterious thing, and it is also a period of entertainment.