49 new signing Eric – Rogers for the mother to buy SUV

For children, single-parent families tend to be most urgent desire to do something as soon as his mother / father, recently signed a new San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Eric – Rogers (Eric Rodgers) for his mother to buy a car the new Nissan SUV.

Rogers between December last year to January this year visited 16 different teams won inviting the 13 teams, and ultimately he chose 49 people Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) system.

Rogers and the team completed a two-year 1.14 million dollar contract, then he can not wait to help his mother buy a car.

He wrote on his Instagram: "My mother said:" Mom, I want to be an NFL player, I did it, "his mother replied in the following:" Baby, no matter what your dream is, you will be successful of. "

Rogers played last season in the CFL, completed 87 catches for advancing 1449 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

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