Manning believes that record and Harris will not be broken

When Peyton Manning – (Peyton Manning) and Marvin Harrison (Marvin Harrison) in Indianapolis pony do teammates when they finished the 112 times passing touchdown.

A lot of people feel surprised by such data. Professional football talk show host recently asked manning for the record in the future if the feeling is broken, manning, replied: “all say NFL is very easy, you only need to pass the ball and then catch finish touchdown Harris, almost throughout all of the pony in the contest, I think many of my record in the future will be broken, but I don’t think I touchdown and harrison completed record will be broken.”
Manning and harrison is considered to be the quarterback and take over the portfolio model. Both of them meet the timing is very appropriate, into the union in 1996, harrison manning 1998 entered the league, both in career peak.
Relatively difficult for you to see Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Rob lung khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) connection, because the age gap is not changed, the Brady and long he completed the 64 passing touchdown, both will need at least five healthy season can be close to or beyond the manning and Harris.
Manning and harrison combination is Steven Yang (Steve Young) and Jerry Rice (Jerry Rice) of 85 passing touchdown, then is Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) and Antonio = Gates (Antonio Gates) a combination of completed 77 passing touchdown.

Nick Boyle, a member of Ravens told

Micro SD Card, also named TF Card, which was the most important tool to smartphones since their risen. But 2 years ago, more and more smartphones began to use built-in storage, instead of using Micro SD Cards.

Google started the project “Removing Micro SD Cards” long time ago, and the reason is that those cellphones which are using Micro SD Cards have Security and performance hidden troubles. But what if a user lost his cellphone, it is very easy to pull Micro SD Cards out, and some lawbreakers could easily steal the information in the Micro SD Card and sell them. In another way, software installed on Micro SD Cards will cause file errors of different accounts which might cause apps crush or data lose.

Nick Boyle, a member of Ravens told, one day his cellphone crushed and he took the Micro SD Card out, then he lost many important information inside it.

After the project ran, manufacturers not only can solve many problems that Micro SD Cards brought to phones but also can make devices slimmer for better looking. Without the extra spaces that Micro SD Cards brought, users could only choose phones with large storage, and 16GB version and 32 GB version usually have a difference of a hundred dollars.

For example, Apple latest product, iPhone 6s 16GB needs 649 dollars while the prices of 64GB and 128GB are 749 dollars and 849 dollars. Obviously, the cost of Flash Chips are not 100 dollars per chip, but within selling products classified into different storage versions, manufacturers like Apple, could make more money because the profit will go higher with the larger storage that user chose.

Many e-pals think, Micro SD Cards absolutely have strengths in cost performance and convenience, and they can endure some slaws. After all, security issues are not necessarily events.

Adrian Wilson hires as scout of the Arizona Cardinals


Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson spent 12 years on the Cardinals sideline as a player since he have been drafted in the 2001 draft and retired from the NFL in April 2015.

The Cardinals announding Adrian Wilson was officially hired as a pro and college scouting department this Monday. And he’ll doing it as a full-time scout.

Wilson finishede his career with 987 tackles, 25.5 sacks, 27 interceptions and 15 forced fumbles who are the only two safeties in team history selected to five or more Pro Bowls(2006,2008-11).

Russell Okung in Broncos

The Broncos’ makeover of the O-line was continuing after Donald Stephenson joined the team. There is no any surprise on the offensive line in the new league year.

It seems to be unbelievable,because Head Coach Gary Kubiak and Executive Vice President/General Manager John Elway made it extremely clear at the NFL Scouting Combine that the line is the most needed improvement after suffering an injury,but there is a inconsistent performance in 2015.

“Obviously it’s a position that we think we need to improve upon offensively”,Kubiak said Feb. 24.

“Obviously that’s an aspect that we can get better”,Elway added one day later. “and it will be a key point for us this year as we go into free agency as well as the draft.”

The Broncos now hope that they can getter better by changing.

With the release of Louis Vasquez who is free-ahent departure of Evan Mathis and the additions of Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson in the last eight days, the Broncos’ line is guaranteed to have a dramatically different look than it did in Super Bowl 50. Only Matt Paradis is projected to be back at the position he started on Feb. 7.

Okung was handled the role as the started at left tackle for the last six seasons in Seattle,and he is in the same role now.

He has missed just five games in the last two seasons even though ha dealt with injuries in his carrer and not played 16 games in a season since returning from injured reserve midway through the Seahawks’ 2013 world-championship season.

What’s more,his physical condition is upswing.Shoulder injury that suffered in the Seahawks’ divisional-round loss at Carolina in January will be completely healed before the training camp.

Compared to  Ryan Clady,with whom Elway was talking about a restructured contract. Clay has played in just 19 of a possible 55 games (including postseason) since signing a contract after the Broncos gave him the franchise tag in 2013. While Okung’s durability has improved the last three years.

Okung on the left side and Stephenson on the right side,  Ty Sambrailo will appears to be at one of the guard spots, with fellow who draftee in 2015 will be handled the other position. Sambrailo will come back to full strength later this spring after undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum suffered in Week 3 of last year.

Michael Schofield, he is a swing tackle, but has some position in left guard. The Broncos have two tackles that they feel fit their zone-blocking scheme perfectly; they are talented in the position.Okung had an amply experience in zone-blocking when his rookie season.  The Seahawks’ offensive-line coach was Alex Gibbs who was a long assistant implemented this scheme.  Gibbs retired before that season, but the Seahawks used zone principles throughout the last six seasons.