Trevor Siemian will star Broncos’ third preseason game

NFL Jerseys Reports — Denver Broncos may gradually make the decision about the starting quarterback. The team’s coach Gary Kubiak announced that Trevor Siemian would attend the third preseason against the Los Angeles Rams as the starting quarterback.

Trevor Siemian

This may not be big news, but the third preseason game is always the most telling about a team’s starting lineup so that Trevor may get the longest look with the first-team offense.

Kubiak said that “Trevor is doing well and deserves the opportunity,” but that does not mean he is a regular-season starter. The starting lineup will likely have his name if he performed well in the third preseason game.

Kubiak said:” I will make a final decision next week.” We believe the final competition is between Mark Sanchez and Trevor.

Panthers’ touchdown was canceled due to Newton’s illegality

Cam Newton committed a wrong, which the league focuses on, in the first preseason.

In the latter half the first quarter of the first preseason game, Carolina Panthers linebacker A.J. Klein stole Baltimore Ravens’ passing before he fought back 95 yards and completed a touchdown. But this touchdown was canceled.

Cam Newton

The touchdown was canceled because of Newton’s foul behavior. That is officially recorded as “illegal substitution”, because Newton premature ran inside to celebrate when Klein was running all the way. Panthers could not get the touchdown, only began to attack at 26 yards. However, Panthers succeeded to get a touchdown in the subsequent attack.

“I’m just too excited,” Newton expressed after the game. “I hope they were able to give a warning.”

The NFL stresses that players and coaches came into the pits during the games are foul in the new season.

“We were told about this,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said.” We talked about this with referees, but we still foul, so I was disappointed.”

On the bright side, the best way is that the silly foul which led to touchdowns canceled, happened in the preseason. Rivera represents to have learned from that experience, and Newton also said he would not make the same mistake.

Tyrann Mathieu back at practice for first time since Week 15 ACL tear

The Honey Badger is back.

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu practiced for the first time Sunday, nearly eight months to the day after tearing his right ACL in Week 15 last season.

“I felt great,” Mathieu said after the practice. “I got to get my wind back, but other than that, I felt great. I felt like I moved around pretty good.”

The initial plan for Sunday, coach Bruce Arians said, was to have Mathieu as well as the other two Cardinals who came off the physically unable to perform list on Tuesday — defensive tackle Frostee Rucker and cornerback Justin Bethel — go through individual drills and then reevaluate their progress and health to see if they’d continue practicing.

When Mathieu heard the plan, he immediately questioned it.

Tyrann Mathieu

“I thought about it and I said, ‘What is a couple plays going to do for me?'” Mathieu said. “So, I pushed it a little bit, but I feel great.”


In addition to individual drills, Mathieu took part in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills, the latter of which he practiced with the first team. Mathieu said he was playing at about 80 percent speed and found himself hesitant at times, including one play when he broke on a pass to wide receiver J.J. Nelson but slowed down just enough and didn’t get the interception, settling for a big hit.

Overall, though, Mathieu was “real surprised” with how much he was able to do Sunday.

“I didn’t feel any pain. I didn’t really get tight at all,” Mathieu said. “I was surprised with where I was at, but I was also pleased with what I’ve been doing.”

Mathieu feels he can be ready for Arizona’s Sept. 11 season opener against the New England Patriots on “Sunday Night Football.” Although he plans on taking his time and not rushing his return to full contact, he called Sunday “a great stepping stone.”

Mathieu said his teammates even expressed their surprise in how well he was moving Sunday. He’s wearing a brace, but it’s smaller than the one he wore in 2014, when he returned from ACL and LCL surgery. When he was asked about the smaller brace, Mathieu looked down and started to smile. His swagger is back this year, compared to his return two seasons ago, Mathieu said.

And it’s led to him being more confident on the field during his return.

“This is so much different than last time along,” Mathieu said. “I’m pretty sure you guys know. Last time, it was … trouble. This time I was pretty good. It felt great.”

There is one area Mathieu needs to improve on, Arians said: regaining his passion.

On one play Sunday, running back David Johnson caught a pass on the sideline opposite of Mathieu. Mathieu thought about running to the play, before telling himself he probably should.

“It’ll take some time,” Mathieu said.

Said Arians: “It takes a little time to get in passion shape.

“But having him back there in the huddle is going to be good.”

Saints first-round pick defensive tackle Rankins fractures fibula

Disaster struck the New Orleans Saints.

First-round pick defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins has been carried out the field on Monday, according to preliminary test results, he may fracture fibula.

Sheldon Rankins

Rankins will receive more checks, and he may get into the team short-term injured reserve after getting surgery this week.

Saints had hoped Rankins to become the mainstay of the team defensive line. Rankins, who is regarded as one of the most devastating defensive tackles, has an eye-catching performance in training camp. Rankins stole the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in last week’s joint training, and the performance attracted attention. He also performed well in the first preseason.

In the case of Rankins’ long-term absence, defensive end Cameron Jordan will lead the team to rushing, and he will be Kasim Edebali’s partner. It is difficult to conceive of new saints start to the season.

Bill completes starting quarterback Taylor’s re-signing

After a deep consideration on Tyrod Taylor‘s contract in the offseason, the Buffalo Bill decide to re-sign the starting quarterback.

The Bill announced the extension on Friday. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported the contract worth $92 million over six years. Rapoport added Taylor would earn $9.5 million in 2016, all of which is “fully guaranteed, but after that, there is a lot of prove-it in the deal.”

Tyrod Taylor

The team has the choice to pick up the contract in 2017, and Taylor will make $27.5 million ($ 15.5 million bonus and $ 12 million basic salaries) if they do so. However, although it’s unlikely to happen if he plays out the extension, he would earn $ 112 million in six years.

Taylor was scheduled to enter the last year of his deal with his just over $1 million annual salary, which is the lowest of all the starting quarterback. Now he will get the salary in line with his true value.

General manager Doug Whaley called Taylor “undeniably the leader of the Buffalo Bills.” Whaley added Taylor showed a willingness to become a team leader in the offseason, which made the team impressed and proved his value.

After served for the Baltimore Ravens as a backup quarterback for four years, Taylor showed his ability to become a double threat as the starting quarterback in the Bill in the first year.

Broncos hopes Aqib Talib return to next week training

Denver Broncos star cornerback Aqib Talib will soon come back.

According to local media reports, Talib had a private training in front of the coaching staff this weekend, and the results made us excited. The team’s coach Gary Kubiak expressed the hope that Talib would be able to return to training field next week.

Aqib Talib

Talib was on the non-football injury roster at the time of initial training camp, when he was recovering from shootings in the leg. According to the NFL official reporter Ian Rapoport, NFL is investigating the shootings of Talib, and likely will make the appropriate punishment on Talib after the survey results are released.

But before that, the Broncos only concern about Talib’s injury recovery. As the hero of the team last season, Talib is an important part of the tactical system of the team defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Kubiak hopes Talib could recover soon so that the strongest defense group can return to the state with Von Miller’s re-signing completed.

Not on sidelines, Art Briles looks to ‘redefine’ himself

Art Briles has been out of football for less than three months after scandal at Baylor led to his departure, but he still has a hard time coming to grips that a season is starting without him on the sidelines.

“I’m dumbfounded and trying to process everything as it goes, but it is what it is,” Briles said. “Reality is reality and so what I’ve got to do is redefine myself and start a new chapter. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Briles visited Dallas Cowboys’ training camp on Tuesday and spent time watching practice with owner and general manager Jerry Jones and boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. Briles’ former player Terrance Williams is a wide receiver for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were the fifth camp Briles has visited this summer. He watched the Los Angeles Rams practice Monday and he has also visited former players with the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans.

In May, Briles was suspended with intent to terminate after Baylor’s regents received the results of an investigation conducted by the Pepper Hamilton law firm into how the school handled sexual assault allegations.

In June, Baylor and Briles agreed to mutual part ways. Jim Grobe was named as Briles’ successor but most of the Briles’ coaching staff, including his son, Kendal, and son in-law, Jeff Lebby, remain.

Briles said he will have more of a chance to explain his version of what transpired at Baylor but he has learned lessons.

“I’m just going to make sure that I have policies in place that are protective of everybody, students first and foremost and then administrators, coaches,” Briles said. “I don’t know. I’ve always been grateful for every chance I’ve been given to coach, so that’s never been an issue. But coming out now and being on the field, it surely makes you appreciate it even more because, it’s hard. … It’s an honor and privilege to be in the game.”

Briles hopes to return to coaching as soon as next season.

“I hope November, December, that’s the plan,” Briles said. “Unfortunately some job will come open. I’ve never rooted against anybody or any team, but that’s the nature of the business, so we’ll see what happens then. But like I said it’s going to be a new journey and I’m excited to take it. I really am.”

He does not believe the fallout from the scandal will affect his chances to land a new job.

“Because I know who I am, I know what I’ve been for 60 years,” Briles said. “So people may doubt what you say, but they’ll always believe what you do and I’ve always lived my life in a righteous manner.”

Briles has an especially close relationship with the Cowboys. His daughter, Jancy, worked in the team’s public relations department for years. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Briles has a standing invitation to visit practice whenever he wants, and Jones believes Briles will coach again soon.

“He’s a peer with his peers,” Jones said. “Certainly I think he would be a great asset to an organization … at any level. At any level. He’s a football coach and really understands talent and can evaluate talent.”

Jones would serve as a reference for Briles if needed, while acknowledging he does not condone the wrongdoings at Baylor.

“I would vouch for him as a person,” Jones said. “He’s a top-quality person. I’d want my grandson, if he had the chance, to play for him.”

Marshall fists Revis in the Jets’ training camp

New York Jets’ training camp is overheated, it’s reported that the team’s No.1 wide receiver Brandon Marshall took a swing at cornerback Darrelle Revis and hit him on the shoulder in the training field.

Marshall fists Revis

According to informed sources, Marshall completed the catch in front of Revis, after that, two people had an altercation on the sidelines and Marshall fisted Revis’s shoulder, then Marshall was taken away from the stadium after quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick stopped the conflict between Marshall and Revis. But it was not over yet. When Marshall returned to the field, their conflict escalated and Marshall struck Revis on his shoulder again.

So what did Marshall taunt Revis? It is reported that Marshall taunted Revis with remarks about Darrelle got torched by Houston Texans Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins for 5 catches, 118 yards, and 2 touchdowns in the last season.

Since they are both the biggest name on the roster, so we look forward to the subsequent events.

San Francisco 49ers complete the re-signing of Linebacker NaVorro Bowman

San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman will stay in the Bay Area for a long time.

The 49ers re-sign the Pro Bowl linebacker to a four-year, worth $44 million contract with $20 million in guaranteed and $11 million annual salary. This contract is the third one that Bowman gets from 49ers, with three years left on his existing deal, meaning he will be the effectiveness of the 49ers until 2022.

NaVorro Bowman

The contract makes Bowman become the league’s second highly paid linebacker, only after the Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly.

Bowman, a backbone of the team and team’s leader, worth the renewal contract. He injured the knee in the postseason of 2014 but played a dominant performance when he returned, with a league-leading 154 tackles.

Bowman demonstrates leadership and expressed support to the coach Chip Kelly while the others discredit Kelly in his way to affect the 49ers’ defense group.

Bowman’s performance in the next seven seasons will show us what he can view in Kelly’s vision for the future of the team.

Terrell Owens says he could still put up ‘800 to 1,000’ yards at age 42

Since the 2010 season, Terrell Owens never played in the NFL, in that year he played 14 games and started 11 games for the Cincinnati Bengals, racking up 923 yards and nine touchdowns.

Terrell Owens

Owens was in state of declinea in that season, with averaged more than 1,000 yards receiving in his 15 seasons. Although Owens isn’t on the free market, he still believe that he can complete this performance at the age of 42 in today’s NFL.

“I could insert myself somewhere strategically with a good offensive coordinator throughout the season,” Owens said on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ Thursday, via ProFootballTalk. “I would say anywhere [from] 800 to 1,000 and that’s on the shy side.”

In fact, Jerry Rice completed 1211 yards when he was 40 and completed 869 yards one year later, and he is the only one who can complete more than 400 yards over the age of 40, so that we can believe Owens can do that as well.